We really appreciate all that you have done for Gage over the past year. It was a very difficult time when we brought Gage to you for help. In retrospect, we probably should have been there long before that. However, we asked a lot of you and you delivered. He is a very different boy. His anger is minimal and his sweetness is overwhelming. We cannot thank you enough.
-Eric & Tai J

We love this school. Our daughter has been going here since she was 16 months old and she’s going to be 6 soon (crazy!!). We have been so very blessed with each classroom along the way & have fallen in love with each and every teacher. It’s so wonderful to watch your child light up about going to school. She learns so much and feels so loved there. And that, in turn, makes me a very happy Mommy.
-Cassi G

This is a very nice, clean, and well-organized school. No matter when I show up at the school, it always seems everything moves smoothly. They are good just like what you see in the movies. I used to work at a daycare. I know how hard it is to keep children in a good manner all the time. Therefore, for this reason, I love this school and want to a 5-star rank!
-Xiaolei L

Our 3-year-old daughter has been enrolled in Warren Montessori School in Frisco for about a month now. I was nervous about her transition and did not know if I could find a school to measure up to the high standards of her previous Montessori. After much research, and meeting with Staff members, I had decided to enroll my daughter at Warren Montessori in Frisco. I am so pleased with my decision! My daughter is very eager to go to school each morning. She enjoys this school so much, and I can only credit her happiness to the amazing staff at Warren Montessori. The entire staff is kind and loving, and genuinely cares about these children. The staff in Warren Montessori has continued to spark a love of learning in our daughter. This school is really good, and I’m so glad I wound it! If you want to give your child the life-long gift of the love of learning, then enroll them at this school.
-Manasa B

We come from a place where academics and discipline are the stepping stones of child development. And we, as parents, wanted to make sure that our child receives that in her early stages of school so that we are able to build a strong foundation for her to stand on. I think Warren Montessori does a brilliant job in providing that to every child in the school. Teachers are so focused on their kids’ physical and academic assessment. At the same time they gel as friends in their lives. My daughter is a big fan of her favorite teacher Ms Vibha (Primary 4). Even after graduating from preschool she networks with her and talks with her as a friend and mentor. The entire staff is so well-versed and welcoming to parents’ needs and concerns in all ways. I just love Warren Montessori!
-Charu R

My son has attended Warren Montessori since he was 3 months old. He is now 7! Every one of his teachers has been amazing. They’ve felt like family. There is little turnover with the core teachers so we really developed a great relationship with them. They are highly competent with teaching these young learners but I always felt like they genuinely cared about my son. The Elementary program is phenomenal! He will start second grade in public school next year, but I am amazed at the solid academic foundation that Warren built for him. I highly recommend this school.
-Liz K

Warren has been a great experience for both of our boys. The educators are well-trained and experienced. It is a loving environment where the kids and parents are treated with respect and care. Our youngest son went through a rough patch of attitude and they were excellent in handling the challenge and even helped us learn how to deal with it. We can’t thank them enough for what they have given our boys.
-Eric J

My son has been at Warren since he was 16 months old and he is about to turn 5. He has always been very happy at this school and has loved his teachers and staff. We are thankful for all that you do everyday and that he is always smiling! We highly recommend this school. Everyone at Warren is caring, nourishing, and understanding.
-Karla P

I love my daughter going to this school because the teachers are very loving and caring with the kids. They have a lot of activities inside the school and it is very clean and neat. My daughter has not been sick and she used to be sick often at the previous school. I recommend this school to other parents for good future of their kids.
-Gurdeep K

My daughter has been attending Warren Montessori for several years after we tried several other schools in the area. We are pleased with the staff, teachers are amazing and our daughter is so advanced academically. She will be so ahead of her class once she starts Elementary School!..So grateful! So blessed! Thank you all =) And we love our daughter’s teacher! HIGH RECOMMEND!
-Annette C

Warren Montessori has been a wonderful experience for my son. He absolutely loves his teachers! The staff is excellent and has been very accommodating and flexible, especially from having moved to Frisco from outside of Dallas. The transition was smooth. I would highly recommend this school to any parent looking for higher level of learning for their child(ren).
-Malessa G

We love Warren! It has truly become like a 2nd family for us. My daughter has been attending Warren since she was 3 months old and we have been so pleased with her academic and social development. I would recommend Warren to anyone looking for a safe learning environment for their children.
-Jessica W

My boys go to Warren since the last 2 years and I love it. After shortlisting many schools, I made up my mind to put my boys back at Warren. My boys love the safe and healthy environment needed to nurture their skills. The teachers are good and make great efforts as needed. I highly recommend this school.
-Vaishali M

Warren Montessori has been a part of my son’s life since he was 5 months old. He is now in the first grade! He knows everyone at the school and they have been part of our extended family from the Infant Room through his now Elementary class. My intention had always been to move my son to public school in Kindergarten but when the time came I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to keep him in such an amazing environment for two more years! The teachers are outstanding and class sizes are small compared to a public setting. I would recommend Warren to anyone looking for an above-average experience for their little ones.
– Sasha B

Warren is the best place for the kids. My son started at Warren about 18 months ago and he loves going to school. He feels so comfortable, enjoys his school time playing with his friends and learns so many new things every day. Teachers provide a comfortable environment to kids that they miss them during the holiday times. It’s like a home away from home. I recommend this school to anyone.
-Ritu N

My 3 year old son has been attending Warren Montessori for a year and we love it! The teachers are great and the Montessori method is a perfect fit for our family. We are so lucky to be a part of this community.
-Jana P

Warren has been such a blessing to our family. It’s always so wonderful to know you are able to leave your little ones in such good care when you can’t be with them.
-Courtney W

My son has completely blossomed during his time at Warren Montessori. The staff is simple amazing – kind, intuitive, firm but loving. I cannot say enough good things about it!
-Sherry S

This is a great school and it’s very organized and caring. My daughter loves it very much and talks a lot about her school, teachers, and friends.
-Lokesh D

Love this school! Such a wonderful, caring staff. Our girls have learned so much from their time here. The teachers are absolutely fabulous!
-Kelsey D

My 3 year old daughter has been going to Warren Montessori since July 2015. She has developed in many aspects and the teachers are well-trained and professional.
-Kiran C

Our daughter has been attending Warren since 2014 and loves her teachers and friends. Warren provides a safe, loving and educational environment.
-Bhagya K

Dear Binny,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for 6 wonderful years for my boys at Warren Montessori. I hope this letter (or just parts of it) will be helpful as a recommendation to other parents considering Warren.

We have three very different sons, all of whom have blossomed and flourished at Warren Montessori. From the first day our oldest son started at Warren in Toddler 1, we have been so pleased with the entire learning environment. The traditional Montessori Method that Warren abides by allowed him to explore and learn at his own pace. When he moved to Primary 3, he quickly learned to be increasingly independent, both socially and academically. He started to read and write when he was 4 and loved doing both, which is not always the case for little boys and which we attributed to the enthusiastic teachers who gently guided him. When he started kindergarten in public school, he was a natural leader and had great confidence in his learning abilities.

Our twin sons started at Warren as 5 month olds. While it was not easy to leave them for the day, it was much easier after observing how loving and caring all the teachers were. The teachers listened and respected our wishes and requests and reported back to us about our boys’ progress in all areas of infant and toddler care. As they grew and moved from Infant 1 to Infant 2 to Pre-Toddler to Toddler 1, the transitions were seamless and the teachers insured they were ready for the next learning level. They went to different classes once they started in the Primary classrooms, and the separation, while nerve-wracking for parents, was terrific! They started showing their own personalities and different learning styles, and their respective teachers were wonderful with each of them, just as they are with all of the different kids in each class. They knew how to tap into my sons’ interest areas to motivate their learning. Both of them come home every day talking about all they learned, from Spanish to music to reading and writing to computer skills to PE to science lessons.

We have always appreciated the physical upkeep/cleanliness of Warren, as our sons have rarely been sick, but what we’ve appreciated even more is the heart of Warren. Every member of the staff is friendly and truly seems to care about helping our children to be the very best they can be while respecting who they are as individuals. Having three boys, two of whom are twins, this is important to us.

We have spent 6 years at Warren. We wouldn’t have been here this long if it wasn’t such a terrific place. Thank you for taking genuine interest in our boys, and our family. Our experience here is one we’ll not easily or readily leave behind.

– Jennifer Zientz

Ms. Binny,

We have been going to Warren for the past two years since Julia was 2 years old. Every one of Julia’s teachers and front office staff have been very caring and attentive to Julia’s needs. Julia comes home with fun stories from school that just tells us that she is having a good time while at Warren. We highly recommend Warren Montessori for families looking for a nurturing environment for their little ones.

Keep well and keep in touch.

– Isa Briones

This is Avyukt’s parents writing to you. We are extremely pleased with the school, management and the teachers at Warren. Avyukt and us, are so much in love with the school. Avyukt is so much attached to his teachers and school. We are always assured that Avyukt is in a very safe hands and I never worry about him at work. We thank from the bottom of our hearts to the management and all teachers for building this happy relation with us. We look forward to being a part of the Warren Family.

Thank and Regards,

– Sridevi and Siva

Our daughter was at Warren for 3 years. We are more than delighted with the care and level of education that was provide to her. All of her teachers were extremely dedicated and loving. It’s a very safe environment as well. We loved the way Ms. Binny manages and communicates changes at the school – parents are always informed of what’s going on and what’s changing. Overall an excellent Montessori and we are excited that our son will also go to Warren soon!

Thank you,

– Vinanti P.

Prospective Parents of Warren Montessori,

It is with GREAT pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation. Our journey with Ms. Binny and Warren Montessori School started in December 2010. I had just relocated to Frisco and I needed full time care for my three girls. At the time, Meghan was 8 months, Malynn was 2 and MacKenna was 4. I did not have experience with the Montessori Method, so it was a change. WOW, what an amazing difference in my three little girls! MacKenna started Kindergarten the next August and she was ready! Malynn has just thrived in the environment. Meghan is challenged every day and her self-esteem is amazing.

“It takes a village to raise a family” is a motto I say on a regular basis. The teacher and administrators are truly a part of our village. They are involved with our daily routine and they ASK about my girls. We are not just another tuition payment; we were important and they make us feel very special.

The school is calm and a place for learning. There are so many extracurricular activities that my girls have been able to take part in.

I tell everyone I know about Warren Montessori and how they have taken my girls and allowed them to GROW. We want out children to be cared for by loving teacher and educators. The Warren Team is exactly what my girls needed. My family is truly thankful and blessed to have Warren as part of our family.

– Jolynn Wyborny

Mother to MacKenna, 8, Malynn, 5, and Meghan, 4

My daughter began attending Warren Montessori at nine months old, and remained there for 3 years until she was 4 years old. Each time she would move to a new classroom as she became older I always thought the teachers could not get any better; however, they continued to exceed my expectations. All of her teachers were wonderfully loving, patient, and genuine in their care for her. I always felt comfortable leaving her there and she was happy to go.

When an issue or problem would arise the staff and owner were available and happy to help in any way they could. In one instance, the school administrator and administrative assistant went above and beyond to create a behavior sticker chart to help correct a behavior issue my daughter was having.

I thoroughly enjoyed having my daughter attend Warren Montessori and am thankful to have had a safe, loving, and peaceful environment for her during those first years.

– Alison L.

As always, you and the Warren Staff always look into our concerns with care and willingness to find a solution.

– Shakira G.


Just a quick note to say how happy Andrea and I are with Ms. Suzanne in Lower Elementary. Kelsie Performance has progressed at a remarkable rate under her guidance over the last several months. We are so happy with Kelsie’s progress and what she is learning that we are leaning towards keeping her there ate Warren for another year before transitioning over to public school. Thank you for bringing Ms. Suzanne to Warren! We feel she is a real asset to your school!


– David

The experienced and professional staff at Warren Montessori truly came through on January 24th. I arrived and immediately realized the staff was dealing with an emergency and later realized that a young student fainted and was somewhat disoriented when he did wake. While I waited in the reception area, the Director, Ms. Binny, and her staff kept the student secluded and safe until the paramedics arrived just minutes later. In the meantime, the School administrator made frequent contact with the parents via phone on the situation and informed them of the hospital where their son was transported by ambulance. A staff member also left in the ambulance to watch over the young student and deal with the details until the parents would be able to arrive at the hospital.

The Warren Montessori staff has always extended a warm and professional reception over the past several years since we have been their uniform partner. It came as no surprise to me that the procedures and steps they followed in this emergency were exceptionally carried out, and showed their expertise and training as a caring and competent school community.

– Rose Lorenze, Owner

Academic Outfitters of Dallas

I wanted to write this note to tell you how happy we are seeing Aiden start to read. Last Friday, Aiden left school with a folder that had the little book ‘MAX’ and said “Mommy, I can read it!!” I was like, wow, really, and could not wait until we got home. I was sitting in the car listening to him slowly read word by word off those 8 short pages. I called my husband happily “Honey, Aiden started to read!!” That night he read to his Dad again. We were both very happy!


– Trang

In the past we considered Montessori schools to be just another private school, but after hearing the praises from other parents about Warren Montessori, we decided to enroll our 3 year old. And I must honestly say that we have seen a positive difference in our son. Since attending Warren Montessori his concentration, attention to detail, independence, and the completion of tasks is just amazing. I can’t say enough about the staff… just wonderful, from the moment you walk into the school you are greeted with smiles and a very caring demeanor which extends over to the children and in the class. We are also impressed with the knowledge of the instructors and their ability to explain clearly the Montessori Method and how this method will work in our son’s life. We have nothing but great things to say about Warren and we’re very excited to see what new and amazing things our son will exhibit.

Thanks to Warren Montessori and Staff

– Dexter and Kellie Johnson

We’ve had a wonderful experience at Warren so far! The high quality of the school continues to impress us. The teachers are truly excellent. I cannot tell the level of academic progress my child has made even in one month since we came back from our vacation. So I do recommend the school to other parents and will continue to do so even after my child graduates.

– Yesim Sahin

I just wanted to send a quick note to say how much I love the teachers in Finley’s classroom. They are always so sweet, attentive, kind, and genuinely excited to see her. When I picked her up today and Ms. Meena told me she wasn’t feeling well, I looked to find Ms. Manal holding and loving her just as I would. It made me choke up for a second. I can see how much they love her each time she’s there. As a parent, I’m sure you can all understand that leaving your babies in other care can be difficult, but I never feel regret when I drop her off with her teachers. I’m a believer in putting credit where credit is due, and they deserve lots of it!

– Lucy