The Montessori Method

The Montessori Method of teaching fosters a natural desire for the enjoyment of learning and allows each child to follow his or her own intrinsic curiosity. This method was developed a century ago by a young Italian physician named Maria Montessori. Her notion that children learn through hands-on activity in the Preschool years are a time of critical brain development and parents should be partners in their children’s education. This is a widely accepted concept now and a huge reason why Montessori is so sought after for early childhood learning and beyond.

The Montessori Method enhances social skills. The children learn kindness, courtesy and respect for the rights of others. They absorb the understanding of independence and responsibility. This Method also allows the child to learn the way they want to at their own pace when they are ready.

In a Montessori classroom, the material is specially designed to allow ease of retrieval. It is simple, attractive and self-correcting. The child can choose his own work and learn at his own pace in a non-competitive environment.


Enrichment Program

When you enroll your child at Warren Montessori, your child will participate in the following enrichment programs included in your tuition:
Spanish on Wheels
Music SMART Montessori
Computer Class

In the Spring & Summer Seasons, children delve into Gardening and Nature studies. We have 6 beautiful, sectioned-off gardens in a gated area in our outdoor area when children will help clean, turn soil, plant, water and harvest their plants. Watching butterflies grow from little, bitty caterpillars and setting them free and interacting with special guests like Critterman and Zooniversity are also wrapped into the curriculum among other things. Children are also introduced to new cooking and art projects on a weekly basis.


Extra-curricular Activities

Parent-Paid Extracurricular activities are also available at our school!

Touchdown Tots – Football ages 3+
Sheena’s Dance – Ballet & Tap ages 3+
Tot Kwon Do – Martial Arts ages 3+
Yoga – ages 4+
Basketball Basics – 3+
Stretch-N-Grow – Gymnastics ages 3+
Soccer Shots – ages 3+
SMART Montessori – Piano Lessons ages 4+