Celebration of Life

Birthdays are special occasions in a child’s life. The Montessori teachers have a very unique way of celebrating. A poster with pictures of the child at every stage adds to the festivity and the importance of the child. For example, if your child is turning 4, have a poster board with a photo when they were born, when they turned 1, when they turned 2, etc. You are welcome to include any silly, fun or exciting moments in their life as well!

We encourage parents to bring a snack and participate in the celebration. However, if the child becomes anxious at the departure of the parent, then we strongly recommend that you take your child with you at that time and enjoy a special day with them for their birthday. This is to prevent any disruption to the normal routine of the classroom.

We have prepared a list of food items, keeping in consideration the needs of certain children.
1. Trail mix (no nuts)
2. Fruit cups or fruit on skewers
3. Finger sandwiches
4. Cake Mix For Cupcakes (No Icing)
5. Little muffins
6. Vegetables with dip
7. Cheese and crackers

If you decide to celebrate with us, please contact us to set up the date and time. Please fill out the following information about your child. A few sentences about each year are adequate.

Time Line of Life

This timeline will help guide you through the Celebration of Life when the parent is asked to speak to a particular year. These are just suggestions to help you navigate through the Celebration of Life and know what is expected.

Birth – What do you remember about that day? What do you remember thinking when you first met your child?

1st year – What milestones did they reach?

2nd year – What was their favorite thing to do?

3rd year – What was their favorite thing to say?

4th year – Did they have a favorite hobby or job they like to help with?